Through signing the petition, getting others to sign the petition, publicly discussing privilege through the Privilege Walk, submitting and sharing your stories, and having the numerous difficult conversations with your peers over the last few weeks, YOU have compelled the Dean to make a change at HKS. Last Friday the Dean committed to the following
1) Have a required session during Orientation for incoming HKS students and make available related sessions throughout the year.
2) Create a group of students, faculty and administrators to provide input on the workshop and to identify evaluation tools to assess its impact on an ongoing basis.
3) Prepare students to understand the broad impact of identity on their decision making as future policy makers and equip them with the tools necessary to engage in constructive dialogue.
4) Provide funding for these efforts as appropriate
You are all amazing. HKS has never offered a required training starting at Orientation with follow-ups throughout the year. Only because of your work will HKS have a different legacy for incoming students!
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